Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Editorial Hipster

Sorry for the lack of well...anything lately. But! I'm back! And so is my fellow fashionable blogger Kelformity. Yesterday we, stupidly, decided to test the weather and do a lil' photo shoot. Super hip and super street style. Gotta love it. 

I brought out my extremely stale cigarettes too add to the street urban feel to the photos. A lot of coughing ensued but it was worth it! The photos came out fantastic. 

What am I wearing? The sunglasses are a lucky thrifting find from my local Plato's Closet. Elegant and sassy. Loving the black and gold look. Jumper brought for like $20 on Romwe. Its super fuzzy, gorg and has beautiful lace and beading in the neckline. Shorts are of course an Urban Outfitters find! Since when do I not wear anything from Urban. I wish I lived there! And shoes? Online shopping from Urban, the brand name is Deena & Ozzy. 

Enjoy my post! Looking foward to posting more frequently! 

xoxo christina

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sporting the New/ Not-so-new Trend.

Yeah. So I did the trendy hair trend that all the cool kids are doing now. I buzzed off the side of my head. Why? If you really want to know I was just bored. I'm crazy and spontaneous like that. So I now sport black hair that has been shaved down to it's fuzzies on the right.

How to:
I recommend going to a salon and having it professionally done. To avoid the potential mind shattering screams of "Holy shit. Holy shit. I just completely shaved ALL my hair off and not the intended single side." But. If you really wan't to get crazy, like me, take a buzzer/shaver (whatever they're called) and start shaving! Start with the sideburns first and slowly make your way up to the top. I parted my hair in the desired way that I wanted my hair to be shaved ^as seen above. That is how I also wear my hair. So it would make a hell of sense to shave it the way you want to wear it.

How to: Style
What I do is brush it with the long hair to the other side. Straighten or curl it, or whatever you prefer. I use Herbal Essences Tousling Spray Gel on the long side and run my fingers through it when I don't have time to straighten. And then use Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray at the roots and top to tackle the frizz. And then for the shaved side I spray a bit of the hairspray on and smooth it down to make sure it doesn't stick up.


Pin-Up Inspiration.

Recently, like a month ago, I did a shoot with my bestie Kelly, the fashionista behind the lovely Kelformity ( and had the inspiration of pin-up style. YES! I have become so completely obsessed with pin-up lately you guys have no idea. So this happened:

Shirt: DIY'ed originally some crappy black T, that I made into a crop and punctured many lil' holes in.
Shorts: Urban Outfitters. Like 50 somethin'. Worth it? Idk. But they are amazing. Probably not for the price tho. Shoes: Aldo. Worth it? Hell yes! Also they were a present and I didn't have to pay for them so that always helps.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Who am I?

So this is my face. Figured I would show you all what I look like so you can get a sense of me.
I have a nose-ring. Also a septum piercing. 00 gauges. A total of three tattoos and counting. And I have died my hair so many god-damn times I have no idea anymore. I'll give you a look-see.
This is recent when I went to the hair dresser with black hair and purple at the tips and asked them to make me blonde (fyi I had been completely blonde before, but eventually I had to change it cause it started turning orange and dying). So they could only give me some highlights.
I like the vintage pin-up kinda look by the way. So cute.
Black with teal at the bottom which quickly turned into sea green with I liked but my mom not so much. Of course...
Black. The red was originally purple but it wasn't noticeable so of course I just HAD to bleach it some more and get red.
And this is probably the most close you will EVER get to seeing my real hair color. This was maybe 3 years ago???
Now as you can see I have plain black hair. Trying to actually let it grow cause' I want it to be long again. But I keep getting the naughty urge to bleach some parts in the front a light-caramel blonde.


I kinda super procrastinated in writing this post. See, I used to write...a lot. And then, idk. I just stopped. I love fashion, hair, piercings, clothes, tattoos, lace, leather, sex, swears, music, nature and even the occasional depressing photos/ posts that have been plaguing my Facebook and Tumblr feed lately. I go to school. University. Tried Psych, then Art, then Nursing, and then after a brief but long-awaited suicidal breakdown I locked myself up in the hospital for a week or two. I snapped out of something, not sure what exactly, cause my depression still lingers and my anxiety continues to worsen and drain me. But, hey. I somewhat found myself. Now I'm back into art. What my life was once all about. Illustration is my main desired major. Hopefully getting a transfer into a near-by art school. Probably, going to get no-where in life and be undeniably broke but hey, a girls gotta' dream, right. I have a boyfriend, for the first time in like ever. And he gets me, why the fuck he is with me no one can ever know, considering I am a complete and utter train wreck. But he loves me. Which is nice. It's a nice feeling to love. Something I had never known nor thought I would ever know. Hmmm...what else. I'm just writing. I'm weird. Be warned. In a goof-ball, seemingly high all the time but not at all kind of weird. Clutsy at the highest level. And artsy. I'm artsy. My room is now a bright 'Peacock' blue. Candles are all lit and my brother just questioned whether I had been smoking a cigarette. Of course. But he never has to know. In 3 months I'll be 21. Never thought I'd make it in all honesty. But. So. Yeah. This is my blog. It's me. I need to start some sort of expression of self and am also using this as a starter kit into the world of art-nerd fame. Love me or hate me. -Chris