Friday, July 11, 2014


I kinda super procrastinated in writing this post. See, I used to write...a lot. And then, idk. I just stopped. I love fashion, hair, piercings, clothes, tattoos, lace, leather, sex, swears, music, nature and even the occasional depressing photos/ posts that have been plaguing my Facebook and Tumblr feed lately. I go to school. University. Tried Psych, then Art, then Nursing, and then after a brief but long-awaited suicidal breakdown I locked myself up in the hospital for a week or two. I snapped out of something, not sure what exactly, cause my depression still lingers and my anxiety continues to worsen and drain me. But, hey. I somewhat found myself. Now I'm back into art. What my life was once all about. Illustration is my main desired major. Hopefully getting a transfer into a near-by art school. Probably, going to get no-where in life and be undeniably broke but hey, a girls gotta' dream, right. I have a boyfriend, for the first time in like ever. And he gets me, why the fuck he is with me no one can ever know, considering I am a complete and utter train wreck. But he loves me. Which is nice. It's a nice feeling to love. Something I had never known nor thought I would ever know. Hmmm...what else. I'm just writing. I'm weird. Be warned. In a goof-ball, seemingly high all the time but not at all kind of weird. Clutsy at the highest level. And artsy. I'm artsy. My room is now a bright 'Peacock' blue. Candles are all lit and my brother just questioned whether I had been smoking a cigarette. Of course. But he never has to know. In 3 months I'll be 21. Never thought I'd make it in all honesty. But. So. Yeah. This is my blog. It's me. I need to start some sort of expression of self and am also using this as a starter kit into the world of art-nerd fame. Love me or hate me. -Chris

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