Friday, July 11, 2014

Who am I?

So this is my face. Figured I would show you all what I look like so you can get a sense of me.
I have a nose-ring. Also a septum piercing. 00 gauges. A total of three tattoos and counting. And I have died my hair so many god-damn times I have no idea anymore. I'll give you a look-see.
This is recent when I went to the hair dresser with black hair and purple at the tips and asked them to make me blonde (fyi I had been completely blonde before, but eventually I had to change it cause it started turning orange and dying). So they could only give me some highlights.
I like the vintage pin-up kinda look by the way. So cute.
Black with teal at the bottom which quickly turned into sea green with I liked but my mom not so much. Of course...
Black. The red was originally purple but it wasn't noticeable so of course I just HAD to bleach it some more and get red.
And this is probably the most close you will EVER get to seeing my real hair color. This was maybe 3 years ago???
Now as you can see I have plain black hair. Trying to actually let it grow cause' I want it to be long again. But I keep getting the naughty urge to bleach some parts in the front a light-caramel blonde.

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